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by Lorenzo(2017-03-01)
First purchase went through smoothly, I will recommend your site to my friends
by Benjamin(2017-02-22)
Thanks for the cheap coins.I will come back again
by Simone(2017-02-08)
Like your site, cheap and secure
by Magret(2016-11-08)
nice prices, I will surely come back again.thanks
by Kevin(2016-09-20)

EA finally release an official penalties tutorial with basic and advanced tips

Date:2016-11-24 16:55:55

FIFA 17 coins brought with it a lot of really cool first-time features - one of those, was the new penalty taking system.
But the completely revamped way of taking penalties has thrown a curveball to many a long-term player.
Gone are the days of simply pressing a button for power and aiming, now you're in charge of the entire ordeal.
Because taking one wasn't stressful enough, you now have to run up, aim and select your power all at the same time.