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Insanely cheap! Couldn`t have been more faster thanks guys!
by JacobLP(2017-04-15)
Ordered twice and fast smooth service. 2 thumbs up from me. Will order again soon.
by Ryan Heart(2017-03-19)
Very nice upset how the spelling and grammar are bad but i can get used to it and it would be nice if the people giving the items would understand how to add someone as a friend but other than that very good service
by Hungry Pretzel(2017-03-05)
by Lorenzo(2017-03-01)
First purchase went through smoothly, I will recommend your site to my friends
by Benjamin(2017-02-22)

FIFA 17: Frostbite shines on PS4 Pro

Date:2016-11-14 17:59:33

DICE's Frostbite engine now powers a great majority of Electronic Arts' internally developed game - a state-of-the-art piece of technology that has strongly delivered cutting-edge experiences on key franchises including Battlefield, FIFA, Need for Speed and the upcoming Mass Effect. With some of the sharpest rendering engineers in the business working on the technology, we expected big improvements bearing in mind Pro's big GPU boost. By and large, we haven't been left down.
We'll begin with the 'easy one'. FIFA 17 coins PlayStation 4 Pro upgrade is impressive - not especially so in terms of visual features, but certainly for its prodigious increase to base resolution. The 1080p framebuffer from the standard PlayStation 4 version gets an uncompromised lift to native 4K - no upscaling, no checkerboarding, no temporal super-sampling. The end result is that an already clean and crisp title receives an even great boost to visual clarity.
However, FIFA's ineffectual anti-aliasing solution remains in effect at 4K. Edge and specular shimmer at 1080p is reduced owing to the higher pixel density, but it's still visible owing to the high contrast aesthetic. We did most of our testing on a 40-inch Samsung KU6400, which possesses a remarkably high pixel density, but the aliasing is still plain to see - it'll even show up in the video below. 1080p users at least get this image down-sampled, so it's less of an issue, but Frostbite's excellent temporal anti-aliasing would have helped here.
Resolution aside, actual differences are few and far between. The 1080p depth of field implementation wouldn't scale up nicely to 4K, so this has been adjusted and it's interesting to note that level of detail on the grass effect in replays also appears to have been pushed further into the distance. The higher resolution also resolves more detail on the pitch itself, which survives in the downscaling to 1080p, giving a richer look. The bottom line is clear though - FIFA is built to console spec, but it's great to see that the headroom is there to run the title at native 4K. We ran an entire match through our frame-rate tools and noted that top-down gameplay remains consistent at 60fps, with the existing 30fps camera views remaining at half-refresh.