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Insanely cheap! Couldn`t have been more faster thanks guys!
by JacobLP(2017-04-15)
Ordered twice and fast smooth service. 2 thumbs up from me. Will order again soon.
by Ryan Heart(2017-03-19)
Very nice upset how the spelling and grammar are bad but i can get used to it and it would be nice if the people giving the items would understand how to add someone as a friend but other than that very good service
by Hungry Pretzel(2017-03-05)
by Lorenzo(2017-03-01)
First purchase went through smoothly, I will recommend your site to my friends
by Benjamin(2017-02-22)

Pokemon GO makes fighting easier in gyms and makes it harder to play in the car

Date:2016-11-10 17:09:59

Niantic applied a series of changes to the Pokémon GO in the last update. Although the main change is the daily bonus, with special rewards for the daily player, the news also facilitated the fight and taking of gymnasiums, even if they are at their maximum level, completely dominated by a rival team. Another change was the speed limitation for players who are in cars, which displeased many users.
Beating coaches now removes more "Prestige" from the arenas, making removal of coaches quicker and less costly for players. At the same time, evolving gyms and making them more resistant to enemy attacks became more difficult, since training with allies on the premises ensures less experience points and slower evolution.
With the update, Niantic also addresses an old player complaint, and now allows only the controller to place their Pokémon in a defeated gym. This prevents opponents, for example, from stealing the trainer's place at a time while he is on the battle results screens, for example. The exclusivity lasts only a few minutes, and if not used, the gym becomes open to the first to pass by.
To the extent that it should cheer some players, however, the update will also be the sadness of those who usually activate PokéStops and capture Pokémon while they drive, even though they are passengers. Niantic has increased restrictions related to the player's movement speed on the map and is preventing items from being collected when the coach is moving too fast.