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Theres one player FIFA 17 fans are terrified of facing

Date:2016-11-08 17:24:41

You’d think coming up against Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo in FIFA 17 would be scary enough, right?
In fact, there’s another, lesser-known player that’s terrifying players.
Anthony Martial.
The same Martial that currently can’t make it into the Manchester United first team.
He’s so good, in fact, that some fans have taken to Reddit to praise and curse him.
One FIFA player wrote: “Where do I start. This guy is quickly approaching FIFA 13 Welliton and FIFA 14 Ibarbo levels.
“I’ve never seen a player so fast, so strong, so good at dribbling with fucking 99 finishing it seems like.
“I don’t know how much longer I can handle facing him, whenever I see him on the loading screen it’s GG. F****** hell, Lord give me the strength.”
Another comment read: “Martial is way the f*** overpowered.
“I use him (an 82) over pretty much anyone in LM-LW-LF. Dude is a monster.”
Thankfully, one fan has a devised an ingenious solution to deal with French forward.
“Knock the s**t out of him”.